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Child Sponsorship Program (CSP)

The Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) is a commitment you, as a sponsor, make to change the life of an underprivileged girl child through regular contributions. It is a relationship aimed at laying the foundation of education in the girl child’s life so that she becomes an independent and strong individual who is able to stand on her own feet one day. Through educating her, you will not only free her from social evils like child marriage, female feticide, domestic violence, etc. but also, make her the epicenter of growth and an example for other underprivileged girl children, their families and the society, at large.

Project Teach Every Girl (TEG) is a participatory project where you can sponsor the education of an underprivileged girl child. You can sponsor a girl from primary school studying in class 1-5 at just Rs. 4000 a year, while for Rs. 5200 you can sponsor a girl from secondary school studying in class 6-10. Thereafter, in the first year you will receive the profile and progress report of the girl child you support, so you are updated on how she is faring in both academics as well as extracurricular activities.

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