Currently, Project TEG has been launched only in Punjab. The entire state of Punjab has been divided into 7 regions:- Patiala, Bathinda, Ferozpur, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Ropar and the union territory of Chandigarh. The girl child will be selected/choosen by the executive body and the Zonal monitoring of her education would be done by the teachers/professionals in that particular zone. 

The girl child from an underprivileged family would be selected/choosen by the Executive Body based on an approved criteria.

She would be admitted in the nearest possible government or private school in the area. She would be given all possible academic and other help in developing her overall personality through the volunteer members and teachers. They would be guiding and teaching her in academic subjects regularly. Such members would also guide her in various sports, cultural and other extra co curricular activities to aid her overall growth. Volunteer  doctors will also be available in case of any medical help/emergency for these girl children in each zone and to take care of the health of the child.

One senior member would be responsible for the activities in one zone, who would closely supervise and monitor the development of the student. These senior members would be working under the guidance and directions of the Executive Body, who would also undertake a monthly review of the progress of the child and take suitable corrective measures to address the shortcomings, whether in terms of academic or any other such input, or financial need, or the health related issues of the child.

These volunteer members, viz., the senior girl students, the lady teachers, the doctors, other professionals, members of other social and community organisations, etc would be the partners in becoming the real change agents in this cause.

It is our endeavour to build such a strong foundation of such “givers” in terms of their time through their academic and other professional inputs, that in times to come it will lead towards making every girl child in the state of Punjab completely literate. These beneficiary girl children would then become the agents of change once they complete their education. Thus the overall such chain of growth would be in geometric progression.




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